Dues Renewal

Club member dues are paid on a six-month basis. Currently these dues are just $45 (which goes to Toastmasters International). Please note that in the future, we may start charging club dues on top of this amount to defray expenses for supplies, special events, etc.


Dues are collected during March and September for the following six months. Member dues must be received by the end of March or September respectively.

How to Pay your Dues

There are several ways to pay your semi-annual dues:

  1. By check or money order for $60 made out to the Menifee Toastmasters. This can be given to the club Treasurer at a meeting or mailed to their home address.
  2. Cash payment of $60 given to the club Treasurer at a meeting (do not send cash through the mail).
  3. Credit or debit card ($60) by simply logging into Toastmasters International and following directions that allow you to quickly and easily pay your renewal dues online.